Policies and procedures

These are documents that have been approved as guides for action by the body.

Quaker Intentional Village-Canaan Member Agreement

Approved 9/17/13, revision approved 3/15/14


QIVP is now offering educational grants for interns, community members, sojourners, and anyone else with a plan to further QIVP’s purpose and five objectives..

Program Goal: The goal of the educational grants program is to support individuals and groups who are advancing QIVP goals.

Approved: 17 August 2008


Indoor pets-- animals (e.g., goldfish, gerbils, cats, zebras, whatever) that live indoors.

Outdoor pets-- animals (e.g., cats, dogs, potbellied pigs, whatever) that may spend time outside.

Barnyard pets-- animals (e.g., horses, sheep, goats, emus, whatever) that require barn space, barnyard space, and grazing land. They do not contribute directly or indirectly to the livelihood or food supply of the community members.

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