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QIVC Goal of $10,000 (gifts are not tax-exempt)

Help us knock down those loans! Contributions to QIVC will go directly toward decreasing our loan payments. We have successfully avoided commercial loans since our founding in 2000, mobilizing resources from QIVC members and friends of QIVC. We'd like to pay off the $85,000 we currently owe to friends, cutting down on loan payments, which currently require 40% of our annual budget.

Our long-term goal is to free the land at QIVC. We "own" 135 acres of woods, fields, gardens, and house sites and would like to take them off the commercial market forever, through a conservation easement or similar mechanism.

QIVP Goal of $3,000 (gifts are tax-exempt)

Support QIVC Educational Grants! Although small in size, QIVP grants have allowed terrific things to happen:
- 5 people trained in Quaker clerking
- 3 people trained in managing conflict and building cohesion in intentional community
- expertise on Aging in Community brought in
- expertise on Non-Violent Communication brought in
- 1 person trained in Insight Dialogue
- 4 people trained in Alternatives to Violence
- 1 student participated in CoCycle, bicycling in a group across the U.S. to visit cooperatives, hone their own cooperative skills, reimagine the country they were about to inherit, and, along the way, discover themselves

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